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IEDO is an international non-profit association with 2 main goals :

  • Promotion of the use of UAS uses for emergency situation
  • Development of national & international exchanges between emergency drone units

Today, the association has more than 700 members (firefighters, police officers, coast guards, customs officers, doctors, paramedics and humanitarian & rescue associations) present in 50 countries on all continents.


***The conference official language is english***

IEDO CONF will be the first ever international IEDO conference. All first responders are invited to participate: firefighters, police officers, volunteers from search and rescue associations, coast guards, customs officers, etc.

This conference is a unique opportunity to bring together all the actors and specialists in the field of emergency drone, fire and rescue drone and public safety drone.




Exchange experiences, learn from each other, build your network and prospect new products in the drone market

IEDO CONF 2022 is the ideal place to meet other experts and UAS specialists from the world of public safety. Let’s talk about security, let’s talk about data, new technologies, tomorrow’s regulatory challenges, is unmanned traffic management really that far away? Is Artificial Intelligence ready today for the emergency services? 

All speeches will be in english but with a french translation.

Register, join us at the IEDO CONF 2022.



Where the IEDO CONF takes place ?

Where the IEDO CONF takes place ?


The Cité des sciences et de l’industrie (CSI) is a French institution specialising in the dissemination of scientific and technical culture. Its mission is to disseminate scientific and technical knowledge to a wide audience, in particular to children and teenagers, and to arouse the interest of citizens in societal issues related to science, research and industry.









Registration for the IEDO CONF is open to all first responders, UAS specialists or not, in order to develop their knowledge of drone operations or to learn how to build a drone programme. But also to drone companies of course. Note that the general public is not allowed to access this professional conference.

Registration fee includes:

  • entrance to the Conference sessions and exhibition for two days;
  • coffee breaks, lunches during two days of the conference
 Ticket prices

Until July 1st : 30€ for emergency services and 20€ for IEDO members

From July 1st until 1 October 2022, 40€ for emergency services and 30€ for IEDO members

After October 1st 2022, 50 for emergency services and 40€ for IEDO members


Programme updated : July 1st, 2022





Download our sponsor & exhibitor package for more information :


Can I enter France ? what are the covid restrictions in France ?

How access to the Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie ?

What is the COVID-19 condition to access ?

No condition are required (may change depending pandemic situation).

What language will the speeches be in?

All speeches of the IEDO CONF will be in English language.

Where and how can I book my accomodation ?

IEDO CONF is looking for hotel partners. We will update this part as soon as possible.



Can I enter France ?

How access to the IEDO CONF ?

How get an invitation letter for the IEDO CONF ?

Letters of invitation to attend the IEDO CONF 2022 in Paris can be requested on demand to IEDO by sending an email to :

Letters of invitation will be emailed as a PDF document. Required information for IEDO to issue your invitation letter :

  • Your full name
  • Name of organisation
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Country of citizenship (country which issued your passport)
  • Passport number
  • Expiry date of your passport

Where and how can I book my accomodation ?

IEDO CONF is partner with the X hotel where you will have discount as a participant of IEDO CONF 2022.

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